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Sun-Kissed Succulent Strap Dog Harness

Sun-Kissed Succulent Strap Dog Harness

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Adjustable, resilient, and cute. The Ripley & Rue Strap Harness has a fully adjustable neck and waist straps that make for the perfect, comfortable fit for dogs of all sizes and heavy duty webbing straps and buckles make it great for strong pullers. Clip leash in front or back. D-ring on back and front O ring let you choose where to clip your leash!
Why we love it:
  • Fully adjustable, fits a wide-range of dog sizes
  • Vibrant dual printed, sturdy webbing straps and heavy duty branded buckles
  • 4-point buckle system for complete security
  • Front and Back leash clip rings
  • Breathable and light-weight, great for all seasons
  • Extra loop for ID tags

Neck  19.5" - 30.5"
Belly  25" - 39" circumference
*Weight estimate: 35-85 lbs
1 inch width strapping

Neck  14" - 23.5"
Belly  19" - 27.5" circumference
*Weight estimate: 15-50 lbs
3/4 inch strapping

Neck  10" - 18.25"
Belly  15" - 21.25" circumference
*Weight estimate: 8-18 lbs
1/2 inch strapping

*Weight guidelines are approximate, please measure for best fit.